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Due to an unparalleled commitment to customer service, many satisfied clients have submitted letters of thanks and greatly appreciated reviews. If you would be interested in receiving a variety of letters of recommendation please e-mail that request today so they can be sent over. Thanks again and if you have any other requests for information regarding buying or selling be sure to visit the request information section.

June 2010

We appreciate all your hard work and dedication. We love our new house.
Thank you - Jared & Laura S.

July 5, 2010


Dear  Bill:
I've wanted to  communicate this for some time, but all of us get caught up in  'life'.  And, I know my past few E-mail to you were not my  kindest words.
So here it  is: none of us come into this world with the words 'REALTOR'  stamped across our foreheads, so we all come from variously  different backgrounds, just as you yourself have.  But if I, after my 35 years as  a CA licensed real estate Broker, were ever asked, who personifies and is an  example of what a realtor should be, or should represent, your name, William Osgood, would be at the top of the list.
My best to you & yours:
Chuck  G.


August 2010

Dear Bill,
Thank you so much for everything you did for us. You put a lot of work into the sale of our house. You are a great realtor and it was a blessing to have you.
Thank you,
Greg and Katie G.

December 2012

Thank you for everything and for the little things you do. Its people like you that help to make dreams come true.
Happy Holidays,
The Fusi Family

Feb. 7, 2013


Thank you for all your help. This has been really stressful for me, but your firm took on a great burden and it was sincerely appreciated.

Don R.

Feb 7, 2013

Good work, Bill, I really appreciate your help! Also, just wanted to let you know that the buyer and I spoke highly of you for making sure the range was installed in a timely manner. Can't tell you how great it feels to work with someone that does what they say they're going to do..I've been experiencing alot of just the opposite lately..makes me tired and cranky...:) We don't always get the "thank you's", so wanted to be sure you did!
- submitted by the Buyer's Agent

Feb. 20, 2013


Just wanted to thank you for following up on my question regarding the time frame for the buyers loan approval.  I had thought the 17 days meant that we would know something more definite concerning the loan approval and hoped that the appraiser would have at least called to schedule the appointment by now since so much depends on his report.  Your partner called me and answered many of my questions.  I know you are all doing your part to facilitate the process as swiftly as you can and doing an excellent job at it.  You are terrific at facilitating the many things that crop up, as well as networking the many other things that have required completing thus far in this whole process and I appreciate it very much!    
Debbie K.


Feb. 21, 2013


Hey Bill
I wanted to say thank you again. We love our home so much. We have done so many improvements to it like tiled the whole house, new padding and carpet in all rooms, custom painted whole house, an paint outside this summer, whole house new faux blinds, all new doors and closet doors in every room with new hardware on them,graveled the whole front yard,planted palms,roses,hibiscus in the front, lined the back with oleander around fence in back,got sprinkler system running efficient, cleaned empty lots to left,right and in front of me, were building an enclosed patio in march. We're gonna have a house warming party very soon an you're invited. I will email you with a date soon.We were very pleased with your services and well be passing on a highly recommended referral to our friends and family. I want to thank you again for the speedy service and efforts put forth in obtaining our home. We are very happy to have a house for our family. Thank you


March 5, 2013

I had very good experience with Bill Osgood buying the house. He was highly professional and was of great help. He was attentive to all details and guided us through the process of buying.
Regina K.

March 15, 2013

Bill looks out for what is best for the buyers. He has been helping my wife and I find a house for a very long time and has never pressured us. He is one of the most patient people I know and has always looked out for what is best for us. Go with this man. He will get you a great deal and will work hard to find what is best for you.
Mark T.

March 30, 2013

We owned the unsellable house.  I was large and totally remodeled on the inside but outside needed work, and it was a little far from town.  Over the years we had listed the house with several agents but not one person had ever come out to look at the house.  A good friend of mine recommended Bill Osgood.  They said he was professional and very motivated so I called him.  He came out and looked at the house and agreed to list it.  He was very helpful, showing us things we needed to fix up on the exterior of the home to make it look better.  He took pictures of the house and ran beautiful adds on the internet and in the local real estate books.  He really captured the beauty of the home.  He sold the unsellable house in 6 months.  I would highly recommend Bill Osgood.  He is a pleasure to work with and really knows his stuff. Carol Shimko

April 2, 2013

I am a real estate appraiser, and have worked with Bill numerous times. He always has a firm grasp on what is happening in the process, and has been instrumental in avoiding delays and misunderstandings. Any time I am asked to recommend a realtor or broker, I ALWAYS recommend Bill!
Kathy N.

April 16, 2013

Bill worked very hard to find us just what we were looking for, which was not an easy task! He was there for us through the entire process. He always took the time to explain things and answer all of our many questions. He knows the area as well as the people. He made the whole process unbelievably easy and pleasant. I can't imagine working with anyone else. Bill Osgood is honest and reliable.
Lesa T.

April 23, 2013

Dear Bill,
Thank you for helping us sell our home in a very short period of time. We appreciate your expertise. 
Jan and Mel

May 2013

We greatly appreciate your efforts and professionalism in the purchase of our new house-home. We are looking forward to doing business with you in the future. Thank you very much for your trust.
The Day Family

June 2013


Kim         Client, Buyer    

I bought my first home here in Twentynine Palms, CA in Jan 2012. Bill was the seller's agent, but I had no problem once so ever letting him handle the details in me buying the home he had shown me.
You want a Real Estate Agent that is knowledgeable, honest, trustworthy, someone you can count on, and will do everything he can to make sure you're in the home of your dreams? Bill Osgood is that Real Estate Agent.
Whenever I needed a question answered, or anything really, Bill was always just a phone call away and always ready to help anyway he can. You won't be disappointed.


July 2, 2013

Bill Osgood is the most professional real estate person I have worked with.  I have worked with some good ones, but Bill is the best.  He goes above and beyond what is expected to ensure a positive outcome for his clients.  He has a thorough knowledge of the California Real Estate laws, which make closing less painful. In the days after the real estate collapse, and the tighter rules imposed by the banks, Bill's knowledge was helpful and comforting. I have personally recommended Bill to people who are new to the Morongo Basin because I do not believe you can go wrong with Bill's counsel.
Leo M.

August 1, 2013

After spending months with other realtors trying to purchase a home I decided to make a change and look for a realtor that was truly interested in helping me find a home and had my best interest at heart.  Then I found Bill Osgood!!!! He is absolutely WONDERFUL!!! He takes time to listen to what you want, need and to help you find the best deal.  He has even helped me with explaining all of the mortgage paperwork.  He ALWAYS responds to me immediately and goes to the houses during the inspection so he can make sure everything is okay.  He has never tried to pressure me into a home that I didn't like and was quick to help me cancel when we had made a offer on a house that did not turn out.  Bill and his whole staff are very friendly and personable.  I will never use anyone else!!!!  If you want a realtor that will go the extra Bill Osgood!  Everyone that I have spoken with about him all have wonderful things to say about him.  Mortgage brokers use him!!!  I have already recommended him for both buyers and sellers!
T. Thompson

August 9, 2013

Bill was referred to us by our mortgage lender. With his knowledge of the community, he went out of his way to show us homes he thought would be a perfect match for us. When we finally found it, he helped us with all of the negotiations, and other questions we had. He was always very responsive and was quick to return a phone call, and always wore a smile. We truly recommend Bill for all your realty needs!!
Monica S.